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Botox Parties

Receive Safe Treatments in the Comfort of your Home or Office!

Botox parties are a great way for friends, family and colleagues to get together and receive Botox treatments.

When you host a party, you receive 50% off of your treatment cost. Your party will receive a group discounted rate per treatment area.

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Get Treatment Area 1/2 off on Thursdays

#throwbackthursdays   #debbieinjectstbt

We invite you to “Reverse” the signs of aging on “Throwback Thursdays”!

Your RSVP includes:

  • Treat one area with Jeuveau (Botox) and receive a second treatment area 50% off
  • 25% discount on KeratonalRx Skincare – transform your skin and prolong botox treatment
  • Take home gift bag with skincare sample & beauty tool
  • Complementary good faith exam/consultation ($25 value)
  • Ticket price goes towards to price of treatment
  • Learn how to get treated today and pay over time – click here for more details

Limited tickets available to keep event small and personalized. RSVP required to attend and receive special rate and benefits.